From West Germany with love, Fiat G.91R-4s of the Grupo Operacional B.A.12 photographed in Portugese Guinea in 1967. At the time probably one of the most modern aircraft operating in Africa.

Another Harvard. 

The PV-2 Harpoon played a prominent role during early COIN operations in Angola. Mainly used for transport, but eventually some were made into makeshift bombers.

Portuguese T6/Harvard. Used In COIN operations throughout Africa

F-84 at Luanda air base being loaded with bombs. This angered the US because the F-84 was only supposed to be used for NATO operations in Portugal.

Another B26. In the later years of the war all aircraft were painted with flat green “anti-radiation” paint that was supposed to absorb the infrared emissions. Soviet SA-7 Strela shoulder-fired missiles became a real threat.

B-26B at airfield in Luanda.

B-26 Invader. Had to work around the arms embargo to acquire these.

Do.27K-2 With 37mm SNEB rocket pods for close air support